Thursday, February 19, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas is always lots of fun. This year we started off Christmas Eve @ Uncle Tim and Aunt Eileen's Home. Christmas morning we opened gifts @ home, then traveled to Randle to Uncle Reuben and Aunt Tonya's home where we had a yummy dinner, opened up gifts, and then Reuben and I had a little snowmobile journey. We finished up the day at Nana and Papa's/ Jodee and Terry's home opening gifts and eating dinner again:) The whole day was super fun!!!Spending time with family is one of my favorite things to do.
Tonya smiling for the camera.
Keegan, Tammy, Reuben & Tonya.
Grandma & Grandpa B (aka Mom & Mike)
Keegan & Tammy Cheesing it up.
Little Keegan
The Three Amigos. Chloe', Judah, & Keegan.
Brotherly Love. The boys saying cheese.

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" Part II

These are just some more snow pictures that we took. They show just how much snow we really had. I thought our area looked like a Christmas card. Everything was so pretty draped in a blanket of snow. I would like to have at least one or two more blast of it before Winter ends but if not I'll take what we got already for the year.

Judah with a big smile.
Chloe' and Keegan saying cheese.
Tammy at the drift by the shop. Notice were the snow is compared to the door handle. It was only a few inches from it.
Keegan saying cheese on a snow drift by the shop.

Tammy in a snow drift. It was about 3 feet deep.

This was the snow out in front of our house.

Keegan shoveling off snow

This is the tree out front. I thought the bird house looked pretty.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

!!!!Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

On this day we let the kids out to play in the snow and they had a blast!! I looked out and there was Chloe' rolling big snowballs all by herself. She looked at me and said I'm making a "girl" snowman and that is just what she did all by herself. She then enlisted the help of her two brothers and they gladly helped make the "boy" snowman. Then we left for Nana and Papa's house where the kids along with daddy decided to make Mr. Buckey. It was fun watching them play in the snow especially since as most of you know I pray for it to come (lots of it too)every year. I was asked during this time if I could call it off please and I just looked at them and laughed saying NO WAY.

Judah smiling big.

Keegs and Chloe'
Big Keegs, little keegs, Chloe', & Judah With a completed Mr. Buckey.

Big Keegs and the Kids agian.

The "Snowgirl" snowman as Chloe described.

The "Queen" of snowman making

Judah helping out.

Little Keegs saying cheese.

Mr. Bucky the snowman/deer with a great set of horns being built.

Our Pretty Girl Chloe'

These are some pictures I took of our "PRETTY GIRL" .
Chloe' had a great time hamming it up for the camera (I wonder wear she gets that her daddy?). (Dec. 2009)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Papa K's Birthday Party

Saturday the 8th of November is Papa K's Birthday. We went to Terry and Jodee's Home To celebrate. We all had a great time and enjoyed spending time together.

Papa and Ayden

Papa as we sang Happy Birthday to him.

Papa with Keegs, Conner, and Chloe'

Teresa and Terry

Papa, Bree,& Keegs

The pictures are a little dark, done with no flash but fixed that problem so no more orange pictures!

Harvest Time

Harvest for the kids is always fun. We only went to 4 houses and ended up with one big bowl of candy(that is why we only go to 4;) Little Keegan was Spiderman3 not 2 or 1 but 3, Chloe' was a barbie fairy princess, and Judah was a fireman.

Fall Is Here!!

Fall is here!! This is a great time of year. The change in the colors and the weather(yes I am a cold person)! Not to mention the start of college basketball!Go...Duke! These are some pictures I took of the kids in the front yard under the maple tree. That tree turns the prettiest color of yellow every year.